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Luxury BAOJIAN Tuina massage, do you know it?

Dernière mise à jour : 5 avr. 2022

The best massage you have ever tried!

He who treats disease after it has developed, who treats disorder after it has set in, is like one who waits until he is thirsty to begin digging a well or until war is declared to forge weapons. Is it not too late?"

From the Chinese medicine reference book of "The Yellow Emperor's Classic

Ok... but what is this massage?

This massage is commonly practiced in China and covers the whole body. It aims at balancing yin and yang, promoting the circulation of Qi (chi), blood and body fluids, freeing the meridians, maintaining the proper functioning of the organs and entrails, promoting the flexibility of the joints.

Disease prevention is central to the Chinese tradition.

As such it allows to :

- stimulate the defense mechanisms and immunity

- increase resistance to disease

- lighten and protect the cardiac function, promote a good diffusion of blood volume

- stimulate the general metabolism, digestion

- stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation

- to maintain the respiratory capacities and functions

- reduce pain, inflammation and edema

- to soften muscular contractures

- strengthen the mobility of joints

- increase the potential activity and elasticity of tendons and ligaments

- slow down skin aging, contribute to the elasticity and regeneration of the skin

- promote relaxation and sleep, letting go...

From what age can I enjoy this massage?

BAOJIAN Tuina is beneficial for everyone.

On children I practice it with more lightness and much less time according to their age.

From the age of 17, it will be practiced as it should be in the tradition.

Before each massage, I take a little time with you to get to know your vitality according to the precepts of Chinese medicine.

When we touch the body, we touch the soul...

It is therefore essential for me to start with this short meeting, in order to give you the best.

The BAO JIAN Tuina, you will have understood, is the MUST for your health, your well-being!

A regular BAOJIAN will bring you everything you need for your physical and mental balance!

©️ Johanna Lamarche

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